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We're happy to bring great products from South America to you!

"Acai Beads" idea was born in late 2006, came to reality in 2007. Soon it became a business and my full time job. I had too many beads left from my jewelry making days in college, had just moved to the USA, no friends or family and barely spoke English. I decided to get a domain and build a website to keep myself busy. 

I had a small container full of beads and handmade-native Amazonian jewelry I had brought with me from Brazil,  I sold a piece here and there and was so happy to dig my box out of the closet to ship them out. It was a big deal for me back then!

In 2008 my pieces landed the cover of "Bead Style" magazine and I (AcaiBeads) became known worldwide overnight! I was not prepared, did not have inventory and was afraid to answer the phone. It was a great nightmare! I used to ask my husband (David) to answer the phone, but his idea of help was to leave me alone to answer the phone. He used to say: "Talk enough, ask to reapet a few times and soon your English will be great!". Very supportive! That was actually the best thing for me, just did not realized it in the middle of a crazy moment. But, soon I was able to speak, understand and to write all by myself. I felt I could rule the world with my broken English. P.S. It is still broken!

I decided to go back to South America and collaborate with people I knew and new artisans that I was lucky to meet. Our "Acai" was made in house by people we knew and I started collaborating with a family of artisans coming out from the Tagua button crises in Ecuador. I had an idea and needed skilled hands. After a few months of trials, we had our first batch of products. 

We designed, created and transformed things. We still do! We don't carry a ton of stuff, but what we have is good. 

I hope you too can get creative with our pieces!.


Lilian Weeks

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