Cinnamon Tagua Thin Slices - Top Drilled, Pack of 10 pieces



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One of our most popular components, the natural variations in our tagua slices make them unique and great for all kinds of jewelry. Each piece is thin and lightweight, but also strong and durable. Looks lovely as a single pendant, with other beads for necklaces, or make some exquisite layered earrings!

Approximate Dimensions:
25-35mm long x 25-35mm wide x 2mm thick.

The slices have a nice shine from hand polishing, NO varnish or lacquer has been used.

Tagua  – also known as Vegetable Ivory, comes from the Phytelephas Macrocarpa palm tree native to the tropical rainforests of South America. The seed pods grow in large spiky clusters, reminiscent of a honey comb structure. The fresh nuts are pure cellulose, and therefore quite soft and edible... tasting somewhat like coconut. Once dried however, the density is almost indistinguishable from traditional animal ivory. Tagua is helping replace the illegal slaughter of elephants for ivory in the textile and fashion industries. In one year, a single tagua palm can produce as much vegetable ivory as an average African elephant. This natural product does not harm the environment, while also providing gainful employment for hundreds of families.


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