Bulk LIGHT DENIM: Waxed Polyester Cord 1mm, Spool of 600 feet / Hilo Encerado, Cording, Stringing



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Minimum quantity for "Bulk LIGHT DENIM: Waxed Polyester Cord 1mm, Spool of 600 feet / Hilo Encerado, Cording, Stringing" is 1.

Our quantity discounts:

Quantity  5+   10+   11+ 
Price  $25.00   $18.50   $16.60 

* ITEM: Bulk POLYESTER Waxed cord / 600 ft spools

* DISCOUNT: Get 45% off ordering 11+ spools. You can pick one color per spool = 11 different colors


      1 : Spools $30 each

   2-5 : Spools $25 each

 6-10 : Spools $18.50 each

 11+  : Spools $16.60 each


You can COMBINE colors to reach the highest discount level = 1 spool per color


* ABOUT: Very similar to "Linhasita" thread, but we consider it better. The thickness is approximately 1mm, but feels like 0.8mm when pulled tight and will fit most small holes. 2-ply cording, which means you can split it in half since the thread is tightly twisted. It will burn beautifully for strong and nice finish. It will not fray overtime as it tends to happen to the common brand and will create wonders when woven by creative hands.

This is one of the STRONGEST CORD we have had in many years. It is not just strong, but very durable, water safe (washable) and colorfast. Originally used for MACRAME, the cording is now used in many different crafts, including jewelry making, book biding, shoe making and leather work. It can also be used for clothing accents and sewing. 

The great thing about this WAXED POLY CORD is that it gives you the ability to BURN the ends for a nice seamless finish and to include/incorporate extras pieces, if/when needed and it will bond just fine and remain strong. If you prefer metal ends, you can totally finish the project with leather metal end caps. 

Have fun and create!

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